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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Faith, In India.

I've been struck by my Democratic friends of late. They have almost become religion-haters. Not quite, as each of them is privately religious. But they hate the fact that what they call "evangelicals" were the ones that put Bush back in power. I don't think they realize that this so-called "evangelical" movement has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with power. Were religion not a convenient fact of life, it would be some virtually universally held belief system the GOP would use to divide and conquer the country. It is all made up. There are some true-believers. But the story line for this election was printed long ago, and the "christian" vote (small c) was going to get the credit (or the blame) no matter what.

I can say this with such confidence because I closely followed the BJP (the hindu nationalist party, formerly the "natural ruling party" of India, or so they said) for quite some time. They picked religion because it had worked in the past, and their arguments and lines of attacks are almost exactly what the christian right use today.

These powerhungry elites will stop at nothing. They care not for the republic. But the good news is, they will lose because in their heart, they are not faithful, just like the BJP. At their heart these elites are tyrants. And tyrants always lose. Just ask Ghandi.