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Friday, November 12, 2004


Hegel revealed: one is precisely what one claims one isn't.
I've found this an instructive line to help my Democratic friends during this time of soul searching. The party is faced with a dilemma. Either swallow their self-enligtened pride and start talking 'values', or stand steadfast to fighting for the economic needs of the people. This is not a dilemma though. Remember, you are that which you say you are not. Democrats say they are not the party of "values" as that would smack too much of religion in politics. Kerry uttered in one debate that he couldn't legislate his faith. I find, Democrats who are pressed with Hegelian force will eventually see the light.

Democrats are the party of religion and faith, not the GOP.
The GOP preaches one God, but we know better. There are as many Gods as there are faiths. Once Democrats stand up and say: "my faith tells me this is the right way to lead" Republicans will all but fall over themselves to say: "no, it does not tell you that." Once uttered, that pretense will destroy the GOP, just as it did the BJP (thanks for keeping it going Fed X).

In India, as America, tolerance is the bark on the tree.
Brad Carson's recent article in TNR recounts a campaign trip to a church. The sermon that day was something like: "How Would Jesus Vote?" There was an answer already determined, and coded for the believers, it said: "vote righteously". Democrats though can use this greatest strength of the GOP to tie them in knots. "Vote righteously" sounds a lot like telling people how to pray, or what to believe, or which God they should worship. If Democrats simply stand up for what they've always stood up for, "don't you tell me how to pray, or what to believe, you can't even find me a job!" they will demolish the GOP misuse of religion. It simply takes courage, courage to not listen to pollsters or campaign advisers, but simply to listen to one's heart. That's all Hegel ever wanted, and that's all any God would ever require. What if Kerry said: "my faith tells me I have no right to intervene." What if he said it with conviction, just as a Jehova's Witness says it to the doctor seeking to perform an evasive maneuver? You may disagree with him, but you would admire his faith.