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Monday, November 29, 2004

More on FNM

So, now there's all sorts of color out there with no way to tell which is black and which is white, which is up and which is down. The latest tale seems to be OFHEO was trying to rough up FNM to help out its own image after the Freddie Mac embarrassment. According to an internal OFHEO Inspector General report, requested by none other than Sen. Bond (R) from the Big MO, OFHEO was purposely trying to punish FNM's stock price and reduce FNM's clout on the Hill. Oooh. Reducing clout on the Hill is business as usual down at beltway bandit headquarters... but stock price manipulation? Now that's intriguing. Oh Mr. Spitzer? You paying attention? Why, and better yet, who would want to punish FNM's stock price...? Follow the money, or perhaps, follow those shorts.