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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Nothing Beats NYC at Christmas Time

Not even London. It is true. First, I'd like to congratulate Federalist X for his recent post "Beware the New Aristoi". My colleague, a portfolio manager at a Greenwich based hedge fund, needed all of about 23 seconds before he guessed the identity of Federalist X's mystery train companion. I've emailed Federalist X his guess, and if he's wrong (which I believe is next to impossible) I'll do some sort of humiliating act online here at Amendment Nine (like perhaps revealing my identity... well, maybe not that humiliating!).

Next, I'd just like to point out something to all you "liberals" (whatever that word currently means is beyond me, but you generally know who it is I'm talking about). And that is that the social security "reform" plan by the Bushies is actually quite well planned out, quite advanced, and quite likely to succeed for a variety of reasons. The poll you all squawk about today is more of a setup than anything else. You will see those numbers change before your very eyes. Everyone inside the Administration, and more importantly, everyone really pushing for social security reform, knew the facts on the ground with various polls and public opinion details long before they made the committment to get it done.

But committed they are. Democrats saying: "well that looks good for us" are Democrats who I believe are distinctly out of the loop on this (there are a lot of them, here, and even here for example). It isn't good for you because, if for no other reason, you are in the minority and will be powerless to stop this. What you should be doing instead of rationalizing is figuring out a way to make this as painful for Republicans as possible. They are going to do it. That much is decided. So that means you must make it hurt. Make the Republicans pay, force them to cash in some of that "political capital" the Prez is always glowing over.

Oh, and this misguided call for retribution is precisely where they want you to go. Republicans would love nothing more than for Democrats to punish Democrats for this, thereby letting them off the hook scott-free. Shoot at the enemy, make them fight and loose a little blood, and you may have worn them down enough to make the next big idea untenable (which by the way is tort reform on a massive scale).