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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Protection of Coal Industry Health Benefits

Introduced in mid-Nov by Rahall, Costello, Boucher, and Strickland (all Dem Representatives) is a bill that would prohibit the rejection of worker health care benefits by a coal company in chapter 11. Judges wouldn't be allowed to approve the order. You can read the short text here. Now, I've been in coal 11s, they are ugly. As China slows, there will be more, and preventing this sort of thing is all well and good (even if some of us might not make as much money in the process). But I have two questions: A) If this bill fails, which I'm told it probably will, are there people who will point this out to West Virginians, Ohioans and Kentuckyians in the next election? B) Why limit this protection to the coal industry? I've seen lots of people loose their health benefits. Steel. Airline. Etc. I understand if that if you can just get it in there for one, lawyers might take care of the rest. But, wouldn't this make a good issue for a certain party that currently finds itself without much of a platform to speak about? (sorry, that was three questions).