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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thoughts on Tort Reform

I'd like to predict that Democrats will be hearing a lot about tort reform in the very near future. It seems like Bush's social security plans might be driving a wedge in Republican ranks and they may choose what they feel is the simpler issue to play with first.

I care a lot about tort reform, and I intend to make a great deal of money off of it (though not in a way any reader might expect, more on that later). For now though, I'd like to throw one argument out there that many people seem flabergasted over upon initially hearing. Its actually a proposition, which can be, if required, supported by convincing facts, but which can also stand on its own.

For every dollar exacted by a frivolous legal action, two are wasted by frivolous legal defense. Shocking idea I know, but my experience, and my own study, have shown this to be much closer to the truth than the argument that frivolous suits are raising insurance premiums. If one just thinks about it for a quick second, defendant attorney's representing insurance companies have absolutely no incentive to settle, they get paid by the hour and insurance companies faced with tens of thousands of weekly claims are unlikely to regulate the attorney until the bill has already reached a fairly high level.

Democrats opposing tort reform should go ahead and begin educating the public: tort reform as discussed by Republicans, is in fact the sacrifice of plaintiff rights in exchange for absolutely nothing from defense bar.