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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Good One Michele!

Even if it weren't the French saying this, it would be ever so funny.
"China is rapidly developing its industry, and today our experts say that in five years China could make exactly the same arms that we have today. And they will do it if they cannot import. So maybe if we can sell them the arms, they will not make them."
Sound point, Ms. Alliot-Marie (French Defense Minister). But, uh, what happens after you import them for a few years?
"And in five years' time, they will not have the technology to make them."
Hah! That was funny. You're joking right? If not, you need to speak with Hollywood about what happens when the Chinese get ahold of "technology". Oh yeah, while you're here, could I speak to you about a bridge in Brooklyn the French might want to buy?