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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm Back

I was truly touched by some of the email I received from Amendment Nine readers. Thank you. My wife's family, it turns out, is all fine. Those missing are accounted for, though as you can imagine, things are still in a state of disrepair.

I have a lot to say now that I'm back. The least of which involves the Social Security debate. In the post below, contributor Tim Russo asks for an economic opinion on the Bush reform proposal. Somewhere in the comments, another contributor, Sharpshanks, makes the point succinctly: "the bottom line is this, we have too few workers, and will continue to have too few workers. Until that changes, no matter how you jigger the system, its not gonna pay out."

This is an important point, but I sense most Democrats have not grasped it. The simple math (again from the comments) is stated by Mitya K: "three workers in america cannot afford to pay for one retiree, now matter how good the economic environment." Quite right. In the not so distant future, every three American workers will be asked to pay for every one retiree, which cannot work. It does not matter what the economic climate is, what the tax rate is, what the return is, nor even what the retirement age is, none of that changes the simple arithmetic of the situation.

The answer then, which neither Democrats nor Republicans ever speaks of, is quite simple. Again, from the comments, Sharpshanks: "you let more immigrants in ... and you do your damn best to incent breeders." By breeders, I hope, Sharpshanks means families. And this is where the Democrats can find the high ground.

Put Families First. Don't End Social Security. Save it.

Then you put forward numerous proposals for helping families out, realizing of course that increasing family wealth means shoring up Social Security... So, when the GOP says that Democrats are being irresponsible for not putting forward a reform agenda, don't give in. Because the truth is, the only people who can save Social Security is you and me, and every other member of every other American working family. Help us, and help yourselves.