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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Non-Partisan

Or, rather I should say, I'm non-caring when it comes to politics (unless of course the politics ends up stealing some of my money, in which case I'm quite partisan). I just read this Salon article by Juan Cole (he has a little blurb here too if you don't have a salon subscription). Someone had printed it out and left it on a stack of other papers that I routinely read through. Not sure why this was there, probably by accident, but damn it to hell it really pissed me off! The article really made me angry. What used to seem like a bunch of good ol' boys looking to hit the enemy back, now looks like a bunch of fraternity brothers looking for their next con-job. After reading this article, I asked myself what seemed like a pretty crazy question: who told the President to lie, and more importantly, why?