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Monday, May 09, 2005

News Flash - Blair, In Fact, Won

Tony Blair won an election last week. Resoundingly. The hard left has convinced itself he lost - Mr. Kos last week;

Blair's "New Labour" policies, moving rightward to grab more of the center, has [sic] been thoroughly rejected by the British electorate.

This planet the hard left lives on, where John Kerry won and Tony Blair lost, must be one hell of a place.

Here's the reality. In 1997 and 2001, Britain's electorate unleashed a tidal wave of Tory hatred. Far from being about Iraq, the 2005 election has merely begun the process of returning the damaged shoreline to its natural state...other than being a spark for protest votes, Iraq has very little to do with the political tectonics.

In short, the 66 seat majority Blair has won in 2005 is almost precisely the result Labour would have had, even the result Labour expected, in 1997 absent the tidal wave. Such a result in1997 would have been called a landslide. Iraq may have been a factor this year, but Britain's politically conservative DNA re-asserting itself is the real story of 2005...not Iraq.

See the full post at Democracy Guy.


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