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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Federalist X won't be posting until next week. He's left me in charge to make sure the limp-wristed and the blood-thirsty wings of the Democratic party don't kill one another. Since I don't care if that happens, go at it you freaks. Howard Dean sucks, so does Clinton. Now fight. I won't delete any comments unless I disagree with them, or find them annoying, in which case I'll probably just edit them so as to flatter me!

In other and much more important news, midtown is shocked as hegde fund managers have been seen wearing suits, ties, and dress shoes, rather than the obligatory khakis, button down, and sneakers. One can only imagine they're having to reassure investors. All the while, private equity players continue their pump and dump, and not a word from CNBC (they prefer to spew shit about arb trades gone bad). Just another spring day. Will summer start already and get these prying eyes to the beach?