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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iraq Stuff

Everyone wants to talk about it, so in Fed X's absence, I will oblige. Bush's speech last night was a good one, if we were in Vietnam, or Japan, or even Iraq the first time around for that matter. But "sticking it out" and "standin' by our guns" isn't going to make Iraqis "stand up", its going to make the insurgency stronger. This isn't the Alamo, or Dunkirk, or anything romantic and old like that. This is a very modern insurgency employing modern strategies and attaching itself to the global terror network in a way we've never faced before. Its a "new" conflict and needs to be fought with new means. Pulling out old John Wayne lines seems like a losing idea to me, we aren't fighting Tonto's evil twin, we're fighting a highly decentralized, global network determined to grind us down one piece at a time. "Standin' our ground" seems like doing exactly what the enemy wants.

Another thing I noted in the aftermath with the pundits was that all the monkey guests were doing their best to trot out: "well yes, we need to wait until the Iraqis are at a point where they can handle this on their own, and when that time comes we'll leave." The equally monkey interviewers never bothered to ask a simple question, how long is it gonna take for the Iraqi security forces to exceed the performance of 120,000 highly trained, well-equipped, wired in American troops... cause they seem to be having some trouble handling this. Do these low-performing apes really expect me to believe that as soon as the flags change, and Iraqis are running the patrols, that the insurgency will magically melt-away? The only reason these bastards are shooting is because of the red white and blue? Come on, thats monkey business folks.