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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Prime Minister

Since Sharpshanks didn't include me in his hiatus post, I feel free to blog with abandon!

With the presidency slowly moving towards figurehead status, responsible for attending court functions like aircraft carrier landings, extra-marital affairs in the oval office, and surprise thanksgiving day feasts with the troops overseas, it is little wonder that the vice-presidency is now the single most powerful office in the land. Even though Americans technically elect their vice-president, it is possible through the power of resignation, that an unbroken chain of rule could be established at the office of the prime ministry - afterall, the virtue of good administration need not descend to partisan rancor. Letting the previous PM rollover his tenure could be an official tip of the hat towards bipartisanship, showing how big and above the fray our President's truly are.

Herein are today's questions: 1) who will succeed Cheney as PM (I mean, VP), and 2) by what date? I predict Cheney resigns in early August, as the summer heat begins to spoil the cabbage. His successor will be James Baker. What do you say?