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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back from the Highlands

It has been a very long absence for me from the blog, the states, and the daily grind. I kept working all the while, and have some interesting news along the vulture front which I'll pass along soon enough. I spoke with Sharpshanks yesterday, he is being drilled with work right now and won't be posting until the fall. Thank you Federalist and others for keeping the site up and running.

I'd like to post on two topics over the next few days, and generate some good discussion as my own opinions are not as settled on these two issues as in other realms.

Topic One: The short-term (6-9 month) economic outlook.

Topic Two: The long-term evolutionary outlook for Al-Qaeda and global terror.

Teasers for each topic on the way, as for now, just saying hello!