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Friday, September 02, 2005

FEMA Doctors

John Robb has the latest on their deployment. I can ditto these reports. He's also chronicled the disaster quite well, please take a look. Sharpshanks emailed me yesterday saying that at least a dozen oil rigs in the gulf have been completely obliterated, all the while gas reserves are at the lowest. He said this is about 3 times worse than Ivan (or so he guesses) in terms of oil production. As for refining, he can't even guess. Apparently the Chinese are quite worried about all this too. And finally, as if reinacting the classic Bill Murray Groundhog Day, I just heard over the radio a snippet of Bush at a press conference or some such thing saying these words: "I don't think anyone could have expected the levees would break." Really?

Like I said, Groundhog Day.