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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina's Impact

It is a big day for economic forecasters. Early signs are that oil production is recovering more quickly than anticipated in the Gulf. How does this work change the economic climate? We'll have more on that shortly. But today is also a big day for Amendment Nine. We've arranged to have Chriss Chross join as a c0-blogger here, and she'll be joining the Vulture's Corner as soon as Mitya gets around to sending her an invite! Many of you already know Chriss, and she's happy to blog here, and at the Vulture's Corner, given the anonymity conditions. For those of you who don't know her, all you really need to know is she is one of the best sell side analysts around for distress. Before joining as a director at her current shop about a year ago, she helped run one of the largest restructuring desks in the business.

Chriss will be posting shortly on her view of the overall economic impact of Katrina. Afterwards, Mitya K will post on the specific impact of Katrina on the distressed market. I'll wind things up with a post on how Asia sees this. Should be fun, all posts will be up by tomorrow, so please check back. And again, send a shout out to Chriss.