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Friday, October 28, 2005

Correcting the Record - Again

Another lie that the wingnut Limbaugh types are going around repeating today is that no one outed anyone, that none of the Administration officials being investigated really knew that much about Plame, that maybe all they knew was she was a CIA employee, not a spy or anything.

Josh Marshall puts that issue to rest. On page 5 of the indictment we learn that Libby was informed from the Vice President of the United States (i.e. the Prime Minister, aka Unka Dick) that Val worked with the Counterproliferation Division at CIA. Libby knew full well, as did Cheney, that CPD is part of the Directorate of Operations, i.e., the covert ops division. According to the indictment Libby even tells one of his aides that they must talk about this only on a secure line.

So now that the lies are being put to pasture, let's ask the single most important question:

Why did he lie, and why does he continue to lie?