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Friday, October 21, 2005

On the Rack

The latest round of leaks indicates that Fitzgerald has decided to indict senior administration officials. Click here for the story in today's NYT.

Based on my own experience as a lawyer with complex criminal prosecutions, it seems highly likely to me that the reason Fitzgerald is waiting is that he's giving Scooter time to think really hard about whether he's going to flip on one or more administration officials even more senior than he. Keep in mind -- there ain't many administration officials more senior than Scooter, who is after all the Chief of Staff to the VP.

So it looks to me like Fitzgerald has Scooter on the rack, and he's stretching him to see if he'll rat out a superior (most likely Cheney but don't discount the possibility of Rice).

Will Scooter flip?

Will Cheney freak, and try to pressure Scooter not to flip (possibly by letting him know he'll ultimately be pardoned by the President), thereby giving Fitzgerald more evidence against Cheney?

This should be a fun weekend.