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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who Done It

[The Latest (10/9):Newsweek says Rove has been lying about his conversations w/Cooper and points to a "missing email". Are we going to see big K indicted Monday?

: Larry O'Donnell adds his two cents here, contradicting my prediction. It sounds compelling. Stay tuned.

Another update: The threads of fate may be cut right now. Seems pretty damning that you'd suddenly need to testify just as its being made clear indictments are forthcoming. Wouldn't Bush ask for a resignation at this point? I mean, hasn't he always said he doesn't want any leakers in his White House? What a joke! If I were Fitzgerald, my response would be: "tell it to the Jury bub."]

It appears we'll find out soon. I predict Rove will not be indicted, but that won't stop conservative mouthpieces from branding the whole investigation "a partisan witch hunt" because somebody high up will be slapped.

If Rove is indicted, you'll see a tar and feather campaign like you've never seen before. Poor Fitzgerald will be smeared so badly he'll wonder what country he lives in. Regardless of the outcome though, I'd like to see the person responsible for this go behind bars. Hey, maybe that person can take Martin van Creveld's advice and read a little Sun Tzu while there?