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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Sorry for the delay. My first post will be controversial I hope. I intend to be slightly different from the typical partisan rancor. I'm non-partisan, honestly. I could care less whether you're a greenie, a whig, or a socialist. Your ideology means nothing to me. All I care about are results. Sound familiar? Well, if so, there's one big difference, I'm serious.

That said, when I read the fourteenth amendment, I don't see a damn thing in there about corporations, businesses, companies, or any form of being other than human beings. From my simplistic view the fourteenth amendment was designed to add additional security to our Constitutional liberties in the form of regulating state action, instead of just federal action.

I get why it applies to corporations, they need protections too. But at what cost? I believe the fight for power is a zero sum game, power is not created, it is either held or lost. So we give the corporate form powers and rights under the Constitution at the cost of ourselves. That goes for increasing voting rights too. Every time you do it, you decrease the power the earlier votes by dilution.

So again, this is my admittedly unstudied view, but wouldn't it make sense to allow families to compete with corporations head to head? We always hear this talk about consumers, management, labor, production, but never do we hear about families. Is it possible to allow families to incorporate themselves? Issue stock? Live forever? Or is there no way to deal with this?