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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brokeback Election

Wilderwood points out an interesting problem for the GOP in the run-up to the '06 elections (and I might add, an equally big dilemma for Mr. Dean and his brethern... more on that below). With most Americans now firmly in the "Iraq is fucked" camp, the "freedom is on the march" momentum that carried the party through the last election is losing its fizz. Even their own are starting to speak it. So this leaves them with two alternatives: win Iraq before the election, or come up with some alternative scapegoat.

Last election, they chose the alternative scapegoat... homos in Hollywood. But with Brokeback mountain and like coverage ripping the mask off on a lot of that, I think their ability to motivate the electorate to be afraid of gay cowboys is a bit challenged at the moment.

This all leads me to my second favorite guessing game... who will the GOP pin the tail on next? I put the odds low, but rising, that they will pin the blame on their own leader.

As for Mr. Dean and the Democrats. The bar is fairly high after the '94 elections. If Mr. Dean fails to bring about a similar stunning victory (it need not be equally stunning, but it needs to stun), I think the Democrats, though briefly resucitated, will officially be on their last legs. A word of caution, the economy will likely not be helping the Democrats as much as they wish. Indeed, the Chicken Littles of their world will remain out of sync from the day to day until long after the elections have occurred. Mr. Dean, god help us, must show that Democrats are the party of national security.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

There won't be an overtime in this game

We lost. Even the right wing admits it now.

It's no surprise, but the backlash will be--when the soldiers on the ground start ridiculing their commander in chief; the previously talking heads (not to mention their ratings) start rolling down into TV's garbage baskets; and Bush is booed from Baltimore to Bakersfield . All coming soon to a TV screen near you.

Not good for any of us, but fatal to the GOP.