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Friday, May 06, 2005

Is the "d" for Dishonest?

In an apparent reversal, dKos founder Markos Moulitsas now says Blair's rightward drifting policies of "New Labour" are the reason for Labour's loss of around 100 seats yesterday. Yet on Sunday, May 1, the hard hitting "kos" as he's known, said that the Tories were the ones guilty of betraying their party's principals. In this article published by the UK's Guardian News, kos draws a clear analogy between "republican-lite" Democrats or DINOs (Democrats in Name Only, as he calls them), and labour-lite Tories. Surmising that " the direct parallel between disaffected American Democrats and disaffected British Tories was startling", kos went on to describe how Blair's ability to "frame" the political debate gave Tories a major disadvantage.

Yet now, kos says Blair has been "undone." dKos readers may be rightfully puzzled. Which is it? Was the "labour-lite" strategy kos criticized on Sunday the reason for Tory success? Or is kos now mistaken about Blair's right-leaning policies? What seems clear enough today though is that whichever party won yesterday's election, kos had half a headline already written "xxxx-lite is rejected by voters".

UPDATE: apparently I'm not the only one catching this. How many more of these square pegs has kos forced into round holes?