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Thursday, October 28, 2004

About Us

Many Amendment Nine contributors are professionals preferring to post anonymously (for various reasons). All will be anonymous by default, though they may reveal their identity when linking to their own publications or articles, should they choose. There have been several requests to give some "biography" of who we are. These will be updated as the writers so desire.

Federalist X
Husband to a beautiful, intelligent woman and father of two great children. Democrat. Southern Baptist. Research, Legal & Financial.

Father, Husband, Litigator. Democrat by birth, Southerner by the
grace of God.

Mitya K.
Currently a portfolio manager at a major hedge fund based in London. Previously a professor of Mathematics and Statistical Analysis at a major American research university. Fairly non-partisan, Dem leaning, finds current Bush admin. intolerable and reckless.

Professor at a small liberal arts college. Long-time fan of politics, though rarely active. Biggest concern is the dramatic decline in free-thinking on university campuses.


Current commodities analyst in NYC. Previously a Jr. VP at a major mutual fund. Political only as a means to an end.

More to follow...

you may reach us at: mailAmendmentNine@yahoo.com