< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: III. Health Care Credits for Business

Thursday, September 30, 2004

III. Health Care Credits for Business

III. Business health care credits for flextime programs.

a. For businesses participating in flextime programs (the home-based worker program being one of them) instead of trying to make all flextime jobs 40 hours per week to qualify for health care plans, these businesses will be able to use every hour they give to their workers on flextime towards a health care credit which the Federal government will then use to buy, in bulk, a national, flextime health care plan. Workers may choose to participate in the program or opt-out.

b. Talking point: “There is no reason why good businesses who invest in the families working for them should be required to shoulder the full burden of soaring health care costs. We’re gonna help them, because these businesses are helping us.”

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