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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's About Time for America!

Following are a series of links and objectives that walk the reader through our time relief proposals. We believe time relief, styled as the "Time for America Worker Rights" is a mounting issue ready to take a national stage. If you doubt this, ask yourself a few simple questions: Do you feel like you had enough time today to get the things done you needed to? Do you feel like no matter what you never have enough time to give to your kids, your parents, and your community? Do you feel like someone else is managing more and more of your day? Now remember, most everyone feels exactly the same way.

Time for America Worker Rights Bill - A Six Part Program.
I. Home-based Worker Program.
II. Maternity & Pregnancy Discrimination Reform.
III. Health Care Credits for Business.
IV. Tax Incentives for Technology Investment.
V. National Religious Observance Days.
VI. National Emergency Day.
Other links and objectives below.
Quick Economic Rationale for Time Relief.
National Commercial Rollout, "It's About Time!"
Anticipated Attacks & Responses.

4 major economic objectives of time relief:

(1) Utilize a minimum of 500 million currently unused man-hours per year.

(2) Increase demand for services.

(3) Decrease travel demand during major metropolitan rush hours.

(4) Increase corporate and government investment in productivity enhancing technologies.

5 major political objectives of time relief:

(1) Increase low-income turnout in federal elections.

(2) Reverse current interest aligning trend by wedging middle management and professional class of workers away from equity owners.

(3) Assist if not achieve effective re-branding of Dem party as the party fighting for working families.

(4) Assist in re-branding GOP as radical Christian party. Wedge moderate Christians away from GOP. Drive a permanent wedge between diverse faiths and GOP.

(5) Increase gender gap and peel away GOP support from white males making over $75K/year.