< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: II. Maternity & Pregnancy Discrimination

Thursday, September 30, 2004

II. Maternity & Pregnancy Discrimination

II. Maternity and Paternity leave reform.

a. Current paternity and maternity-leave and pregnancy discrimination laws apply to mid-sized to large businesses, leaving uncovered the vast majority of workers who work in small business. For any worker working 40 hours a week or more, the existing laws will now apply regardless of business size. Any worker working 20 hours a week in the currently covered mid-large businesses will now get half the amount of time off that their current, full-time co-workers get under the existing laws.

b. Talking point: “Bringing a child into this world is the most sacred of all events. Our families deserve the right to have a family and a job, so they can raise a family and do their work.”

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