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Monday, November 29, 2004

Exhibit A of Whats Wrong with the Hard Left.

We've thought long and hard about posting this. And Lucas Doolin has inspired us with his recent post to go ahead and let the criticism begin. We won't go anywhere fast if we don't allow room for critique, no matter how biting that critique may be. So in the spirit of self-criticism and open inquiry, we proceed...

From our friend, we have the following, disturbing episode, which sheds some light on the hard left. A diary was posted by Jerome Armstrong, founder and editor of his site, MyDD.com, on Sunday, 11/14 at 3:19pm (est). You can link to to the diary by clicking here. Mr. Armstrong was posting a question in response to a post from another blog saying the US is violating the Geneva Conventions in Iraq. He expressed concern that this was becoming commonplace under the argument of "whatever it takes." 2 hours later, a regular blogger on MyDD responds with this comment to Mr. Armstrong's post.

The news is so consistently grim
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That one starts to try to protect oneself from it. One hears, reads, registers, notes it away, but holds back a response, because how can you respond to this unbelievable thoughtless violence. And we are those who knew from before March 2003 that this was a criminal invasion. ...

The only reassuring thought I have is not a happy one, and it is that the level of casualties which the stormtroopers of the United States have received --- at least 40, and possibly many more than than killed, and several hundred maimed -- will slow down the juggernaut. It is horrendous that these young men and women have been psyched up into Nazi brutes, and are now paying the price for those criminals in Washington. And the poor Iraqi people whose blood is spilling for lies.

Now, our good friend retorted to this comment, and the general tenor of the other comments , to the effect of: "shit, my cousin lost his leg over there and now you all are calling him a Nazi?" Indeed, we've all lost something over there. But we'll lose more if we let this sort of sentiment stand for our party.

Its unbecoming of the Party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy to speak like that while our men and women are facing steel teeth. I'm not saying you must agree with Pres. Bush, I'm saying you must always put yourself in the place of military families. We should help them with our words, not ignore them with our rhetoric. They are listening.

We should also pause and reflect on this sad fact. This comment, comparing our soldiers to Nazis, and encouraging the further death of boys and girls in order to "slow down the juggernaut", was "rated up" three times by readers at MyDD. Surely some of them were conservative "trolls" up to no good and indeed two of the readers rating it up we don't know. But the third? You guessed it.... founder and editor of MyDD, Mr. Jerome Armstrong.

I guess he thought the comparison of our soldiers to Nazis was "Super"! Come on Democrats... we can do better.