< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: James Carville

Sunday, November 14, 2004

James Carville

Just saw a brief part of his appearance on Meet the Press with his lady-love at his side. The esteemed James Carville says its time to re-examine where the Democratic party is headed. Rethink the party's "narrative". I agree. And since you volunteered, Mr. Carville, let's begin by examining you. Why wasn't John Kerry allowed to continue running to the right of Pres. Bush after the first debate on foreign policy (a debate where Sen. Kerry demolished Pres. Bush)? Josh Marshall has more on the need for purging, but I can't help but to lay this defeat on the backs of Kerry's helpers. Sen. Kerry did what he had to do. He beat George Bush, soundly, on George Bush's turf: the war on terrorism and the Iraq War. But Carville and others let the President back into his corner, let him regroup, and he came out swinging. Moreover, the Democratic "ground game" was pathetic. We needed 120M voters, and we didn't get them. In fact, we were 3M short. Hmm. 3M short. What we'd lose by? Carville, I know you weren't "responsible" for the ground game, but your failure to let the Senator be the Senator was a large reason why we lost. Next time around, stick to polling.