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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blue state / Red state

Man, I spoke with some Dem activist types coming back from the "field" today and they are absolutely hysterical! The party of pragmatism is now the party of: "those damn red states!" boogey-mania. What is going on? Do you all really believe there is such a thing as a "blue state"? If you do, Karl Rove pretty much has you brainwashed. Drive across the country once or twice and see how similar everything is. In red states and blue states the unwashed all shop at Kmart, the yuppies shop at Target, and everyone shops at Wal-Mart cause their prices are so damn low. In both red and blue, main streets in small towns are pretty much boarded unless a Starbucks has opened up, in which case there are too many coffee houses to shake a stick at. Gas stations in red states look just like gas stations in blue states. People who should know better drive big SUVs in both redand blue. Kids like to play ball instead of do their homework in both blue and red. Medical bills pile up in both red states as well as blue states. Traffic sucks in both blue and in red. And most importantly, everyone's shit stinks in red and blue. Ain't none of us any better or worse cause of where we live. This is America afterall. Gay rights didn't win or lose this campaign, guns didn't neither. Nope, not even terrorism. People won this election, and people lost it. Not red and blue, but American people. There just isn't that much difference between each of us, merely shades of... well... gray!