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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Preview of Big Ideas

We had some more contributors scheduled to join today. It seems the election has upset their timetables. In the meantime, here is a preview of some of the ideas we will be unfolding...

(1) Debt Relief
There is a responsible and irresponsible way to do this. Both will be discussed. Our proposals will include corporate as well as consumer debt relief, and will use a series of tax and regulatory incentives.

(2) Time Relief
Essentially, as our society ages, work will be performed by fewer and fewer people. Some regulation (or as we prefer, incentives) will be necessary to avoid the temptation of slipping into a split-level economy.

(3) Tort Reform
This is exactly what it sounds like. You might be surprised though because its nothing like you've ever heard before. Our policies will have less to do with government and more to do with the markets.

(4) Tax Reform
The big daddy of the whole thing.

(5) Federalism Concerns
Numerous proposals will be explored including: representation levels, federal body structure, policies behind national voting, as well as others.

(6) Religion
The inability to clothe economically efficient arguments with moral righteousness has led to a widespread distrust of the greater scientific world. A schism between religion and science will only work mischief. We will examine ways to buttress scientific and economic analysis with moral force and persuasion.