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Monday, November 01, 2004

But who scored the touchdown?

Imagine you're about to play in your first superbowl. You dominated your conference during the regular season, as did your opponent. And both teams breezed through the playoffs. All the sportscasters say you're evenly matched with the other team, and virtually everyone has a final score prediction within a field goal. You know this means the game will be hard fought, and won on the field, not the booth. Yet, just before the game starts, the officials decide to award your opponent a touchdown and extra-point, before the first kick-off. You'd pretty much feel like the game is over right? Well, that's why I say this game is over. Josh has a rundown on the pre-kickoff touchdown going Kerry's way. Long as the Dems don't go around and fumble the football near their own goal line (this would be equivalent to losing to NJ), they are definitely going to win. Ruy's roundup gives you some more color.