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Friday, November 19, 2004

No More Kick in the Donkey

Time used to be if someone said Hitler was a great guy, the Nazis had a great idea, and the Holocaust didn't happen, that person would be branded, quite rightly, an anti-semite.

If another person said gays were getting AIDs because they deserved it, hispanics shouldn't be allowed to live in the US, and the Chinese just want to take over the world because they don't understand democracy, that person would be branded, quite rightly, a hate-filled xenophobe.

And if a person was on record as saying that they wanted "segregation forever", that person would be branded, quite rightly, a racist.

I guess if you combine all three of those into one person, they should be called: MSNBC Political Commentator? Yep, that's right, Pat Buchanan. In case you forgot about the hatred this windbag spews, you can find some of his Klan inspired rhetoric here, here and a good run-rundown on him here by Slate.

My point in bringing this up is simple. Why is this guy still on TV? Why is he talking to me after every Presidential Debate? And why, when he says, "I think George W. Bush did a great job" aren't Democrats turning around and saying: "Well of course you do, you anti-semitic, xenophobic racist. He is, afterall, YOUR GUY!" ???

Why aren't Democrats raising a stink everytime a big news outlet lets this guy, and others just like him, have a forum? Tolerance of diverse political views is one thing, but a Democrat isn't allowed to tolerate hate. Its a "value" of the Democratic party, that its always better to bring people together. And people who spew hate will never make room for that value. So, why don't Democrats protest and boycott and send letters and emails telling MSNBC to take this shell of a human being off the air? I trust the GOP would never let similarly held views on the left get an ounce of airtime. Are Democrats just too tired?

You wonder why people say the Dems have no values, they can't even hit a softball like this. Pathetic!