< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: Lindsey Graham, Political Genius

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lindsey Graham, Political Genius

First, in the summer of '97, he started the coup against Gingrich. Lots of folks said one of the two wouldn't last in DC long, turned out to be Gingrich. Next up, he goes after leader Frist, again lots of folks said one of the two wouldn't last long, and today it looks like its gonna be Frist first.

This morning, the christian conservatives rise up in a rapture over this, their ire directed squarely at Sen. Graham, and as a result, Lindsey looks just like the independent, straight-talking, statesmenlike senator that South Carolinians just love. With every step they take against him, with every threat they throw at him, one more re-election is assured for the smooth talking southerner.

The only question is, whose Lindsey going after next? And further, can anyone stop him?