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Friday, September 09, 2005

Kos Krazy

[UPDATE: I don't want to detract from the Chriss, Mitya, Sharpie debate on Katrina's economic impact. Good stuff. Chriss's macro view is here, Sharpie's Asian view is here, and Mitya says he'll have the distressed view over the weekend, posted at VC, but cross-linked on this blog as well.]

Its a new style, its called Kos Krazy, and it doesn't much care for principles, logic, or silly things like that. Kos Krazy is coming straight at you! Kos Krazy is orange. Kos Krazy is white. Kos Krazy ain't no average blogger, Kos Krazy is the real deal, dude.

Kos Krazy is also, just that, CRAZY! And it doesn'tseem to matter who writes on the front page over there, they just go bananas at certain times. The latest is this simple assertion:
Oh, and Joe Lieberman was second-most at fault for Brown (after Bush).

Chew this puppy up and spit it out.

If you read the TPM piece, as it appears Kos did not, the writer is a bit more universal in his condemnation than Kos is in his. Lieberman was "second-most at fault"? Is that even a logical possibility? Isn't fault binary? Or is Kos inventing some new comparative negligence standard for his favorite, or least favorite, politicians? If so, he should read his Constitution. The Senate gives advice, the Senate consents, I think Kos and his cronies made a big stink about how UN-Constitutional it was for the Senate to just rubber stamp things a little while back. But here he is now saying that the President should bear the "most" responsibility for an unqualified candidate, and the Democratic Chairman (who Kos has actively campaigned against) of the Committee reviewing the candidate is "second-most". I may sound a little right wing here, but frankly, I don't care. Kos is far over the line, to the point where I think his credibility is jeopardized (what little of it remained).

Here's a little civics lesson to the next person over there infected with the Kos Krazies, all Senators, all 100 of them at that time, are as responsible for Brown being Director of FEMA as President Bush is. Each vote, equally weighted (for instance, Lieberman's doesn't count anymore than Frist's), can register disapproval. Unfortunately for the Kos Krazies, there is no pyramid of fault here. The Senate is a check to the President, and here they completely abdicated that responsibility. I hope any Senator running for the Presidential nomination in '08 will be required to answer why they didn't review Brown's resume a little more closely. Apparently Kos thinks they don't have to, only the Chair needs to do that, but I'd like a little more accountability from my Senators than that. Democrats don't get a free pass when they failed to do their job. Unless of course, you're a Kos Krazy.

Quite frankly, I'm sick of this. This sorta scorched earth rhetoric has turned a large portion of the Democratic party into what looks like a writhing mass of brainwashed, cult-like worshippers of a graven image. Somebody needs to stop them before they permanently wreck the chances of a once proud party with equally proud principles.