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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Truth and Treason

Emptywheel has his finger on the trigger today: BushCo operatives had no problem with Wilson's report; only three months later did Cheney start wanting to savage Wilson.

So ASSUMING the motive of Cheney's vendetta was not to damage Joe Wilson; THEN IT FOLLOWS that his/their motive was to damage Valerie Plame--thereby to disable her cover company, Brewster-Jennings, from surveillance of Iraq and Iran, thereby be free either to plant weapons or prevent the CIA, at least temporarily, from certifying there were none. Political motives seem obvious, but financial ones can't be ruled out.

Quite a charade--all the way to handwritten notes by Cheney on the Wilson document. Blame plame on pique, or politics, while the truth is to disable our front line defenses against WMD. If it's true, it's Treason. Life in prison should be the sentencing minimum.

Although some of this this has been said before many times many ways, it started out seeming a bit fanciful or paranoid. Still, even at the beginning we had to admit that they knew the consequence of outing Plame would be to disable Brewster-Jennings so it was hard not conclude that to be their motive. With emptywheel's revelation today, though, it's getting harder to explain the facts any other way. it's moving from fancy (even paranoia) closer to Truth and Treason.