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Saturday, December 08, 2007

In the saddle

Phocion has turned over the controls. I'm running things now. I'm pissed cause no one has posted as this blog for six months and now I've got to get things up an running or else I owe the man. So alright then. Here I go. Let's mix it up a little.

First, this goose skat from Zenpundit (I like him, think he writes good shit, but this ain't right, just like when a goose poops on your putting green).

Smallness and "homogeneity" are principles long fought over and long lost. Madison's vision was one of a large republic with heterogeneity. That vision was adopted in a little thing we call the Constitution. So long as the "sphere" is extended to incorporate all the multiple factions, power sharing under the rule of law is more steady and at the same time more vital than homogeneity and "one power" rule. Zenpundit might as well take his argument, and Robb's argument (also like him, but again, goose skat needs to be picked up) and start calling themselves the Confederate States of America. Doesn't work. These little states are parasites, wouldn't exist weren't for us. They aren't the end.

Second, more skat, but a bigger mess. Let's call it moose skat (if you've ever seen the stuff, you know what I mean). Stepped in some over here with this post. Poor little tdaxp. Still lost in the term "race". Here's a hint big fella. Race isn't actually a "thing". Your scores and your tests talking about which race is what are worthless. They are just markers. Step out of the little world and step into the small one that you live in. Race is a concept whose time has long since past.

Best Tom Barnett post ever found here. If they make it, and you don't go, I'll be laughing at your sorry ass cause I'll be there with bells on!

Third and final for this post, a good overview of Thailand's military issues found at this place. I like the article, but honestly, what Thailand needs isn't a military solution. They need political will and leadership which they just don't have right now. If a strong leader took over and put the right generals in charge of the southern strategy, they could very easily summon the boots necessary to quell things. They just don't have the will for it. It would be similar to a problem in Montana every now and then. No one wants to start a draft for that! Hell, we can't even get Congress to put the boots necessary in Iraq... where the oil is!!!! How on earth could we get them to go after Montana? My solution: make the south a goal. Make it a place where things end. Inertia will take care of the rest.