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Monday, February 28, 2005

Don't that beat all?

I'm chatting with a buddy of mine this evening who lives in Bermuda (great gig actually). When we get a chance to talk, we rarely talk politics. For some reason though, he brought up Bob Herbert's column today in the Times, which he approvingly cited. What he said next though is a little more interesting, but made remarkable when you realize this guy is a New England blue blood with a trust account big enough to back up that long family tree.
"Now everyone's whining about torture. Torture! They're gonna say that America doesn't torture. That democracies don't do this. That only Nazi Germany, or extremist Afghanistan do this sorta thing."
I told him that was true enough. And I read him snippets from this post over at AmericaBlog. He roared with laughter. "Those damn white liberals!" he declared.
"Where are they everytime a poor white Southerner gets his ass handed to him on the police station floor cause he was at the wrong place at the wrong time? Where are they when some wetback gets his jaw dislocated during an interrogation? America doesn't torture? Bullshit. America doesn't torture smart-ass, white college kids with a little bit of money. America has always tortured everyone else though."
Sounds right to me.