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Friday, June 03, 2005

Actually, NOPE!

Publius really gets this post all wrong. First, in his ever chary way, he loses Billmon's invective and effectively castrates the argument, destroying what little potency it had; which is essentially that Americans are lazy (great insight by the way). Then, Publius takes it a step farther and decides that despite Bush, "we - the American public- are equally to blame."

Thats just simply wrong. I could make the argument that who is to blame is John Kerry for laying back and letting the Swift Boats destroy the one asset he had as a campaigner: his war record. I could also make the argument that James Carville is to blame for not obliterating the GOP with one liners like: "I can look around this room and point my finger at a half dozen people to hold accountable for 9/11, but only of them is the President of the United States!" I could also make the argument that Donna Brazile failed to deliver the vaunted GOTV machine which everyone has had a hard-on about since 2000 (where it failed the first time). But I won't make those arguments.

Instead, what I'll say is this, you can't blame "we - the American public" for deciding to stay with the whore we brought to the dance when the only alternative is some equally skanky, dressed up harlot who hasn't even promised to put out! Now, if that makes "us - the American public" fat and lazy, thats one thing, but if that makes "us - the American public" responsible for the Iraq saga, well Mr. Publius thats where you and I part ways. Sort of like I said before, there are probably eight, nine, maybe twenty million people you can blame for the Iraq war, but only one of them is named George W. Bush.