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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Federalist X

I'm going on a LONG break from the blogging universe. I won't be back for quite some time. The other bloggers here at A9 will continue to post at this location, please give them your support. And don't forget the Vulture's Corner.

Also, please visit Tim Russo at Democracy Guy, or if you have a Cleveland Sports Addiction, you can find him there too.

I've blogged, like many, since around the '04 election. In that time, A9 has helped spawn at least two other blogs, fought against the insanity of the hard left, stuck up for ol' time Democratic values, reached out to moderates, broken news on distressed securities, and a whole lot of other stuff. I've enjoyed it, but I'm also going to enjoy not blogging (I hope). At some point, we all must decide whether to live in the world of light, or in the world of shadows. At this time, I need to reflect on that for a little while.
In every man's memories there are such things as he will reveal not to everyone, but perhaps only to friends. There are also such as he will reveal not even to friends, but only to himself, and that in secret. Then, finally, there are such as a man is afraid to reveal even to himself, and every decent man will have accumulated quite a few things of this sort. That is, one might even say: the more decent a man is, the more of them he will have. [...]

Now, however, when I not only recall them but am even resolved to write them down, now I want precisely to make a test: is it possilbe to be perfectly candid with oneself and not be afraid of the whole truth? [...]

Snow is falling today, almost wet, yellow, dull. And it was falling yesterday, and it was falling the other day as well. I think it was apropos of the wet snow that I recalled this anecdote that now refuses to be gotten rid of.

F. Dostoevsky, Notes From Underground, Pevear & Volokhonsky trans.