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Friday, June 02, 2006

What the ?

I've always loved this picture. Still do. It's one of the pictures I have in my slideshow for my screensaver. You'll note, it still shows the WTC. Some think that's morbid, but I like seeing them still there. Reminds of a better time...

Which is why this stuff, Via PurpleSlog, pisses me off. Apparently the reason the DHS reduced NYC's anti-terrorism budget was that it didn't really have any landmarks, and only had "four significant banking assets." That's how they describe the Big Apple folks. That's what they think of the financial capital of the world. What a bunch of nitwits. I join PurpleSlog... fire the bastards. Turning anti-terrorism funding into pork barrel politics is a high crime in my book. Throw out every single incumbent, every vestige of the current political class. They all must go. Then, replace them with the firefighters, subway operators, janitors, volunteers, school teachers, nurses, EMTs, and all the other civic minded folks we have running the day to day of this country and we'll probably save ourselves some money and some lives.

I've pasted some non-landmark, insignificant, not worthy of protection NYC landmarks... Hopefully many will recall that we were once told, during a presidential election notsofar away, that several of these non-landmark landmarks were on terrorist hitlists.

Says a lot that our current ruling political class doesn't think these are worth protecting, doesn't it? Look, they already destroyed one of the best landmarks ever achieved, how much more are we going to let them take from us?