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Monday, July 17, 2006

Made in China

Lots of stuff is made in China these days. My favorite computers, the laptops from Apple, are proudly made in China. The socks I'm wearing, both of them boast a made in China style. Indeed, it's hard to look around anywhere today and not see something that was made in China.

That goes for those of you in Haifa currently examining the holes in the roof of your train depot. As well as the those of you at Lake Tiberius wondering what caused that fire and smoke. And of course, sadly and seriously, it goes for all those survivors who have lost loved ones in Israel over the last few days, especially those of you who lost loved ones on the Israeli warship hit by missles off the coast of Lebanon.

Hizbullah's new toys, their SAM-7s, their 333mm rockets, their C 802 missles, all probably were sent from Iran on their way to Lebanon, which is itself an act of aggression by Iran... but don't forget, all these toys were also made in China.