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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kosola Story

I've stayed away from the Kosola story mainly because I pretty much knew about it all quite some time ago, and figured everyone else did too. Tim Russo, a former guest blogger here (though appears to have hung up his hat for awhile), had gone into most of the details people are now all a buzz about.

But I hadn't seen the government complaint against Jerome Armstrong. He was a pumper and dumper apparently during the dotcom boom. When you actually read the government's complaint, you'll no doubt find it sort of boring... unless of course, you were one of the hundreds of thousands of people out there that had a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears caught up in the net business during those days. And perhaps you were one of those people who lost a great deal of money because people were paid to lie to you about a stock's worth. Yeah, you were stupid, but you were also innocent, being taking advantage of, all while they walked away with golden shorts.

What Jerome Armstrong did in the BluePoint pump and dump scam was only different from what Ken Lay did at Enron by a few degrees. Liberal bloggers quick to jump to Jerome's defense shouldn't forget that. And if Jerome and Markos are trying to BluePoint the Democratic party, they wouldn't be the first. Not really news, just a reminder.