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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Duty of Democrats: (or What Does Bob Reich Have to Hide?)

So shocking and misguided is Bob Reich's latest "advice to Democrats" that it raises the question of his own integrity. In essence, he advises that if Democrats do gain a majority in either house, they should "resist the temptation" to conduct investigations of the administration and its behavior.

In actual fact, if Democrats are elected it will be precisely because the public wants just that--accountability for the reckless violence, lawbreaking, and greed that has characterized this administration's behavior. Phony pretensions to statesmanship are not the voters' motives; truth is their motive. Not to expose the full truth of the administration's behavior is to become overtly complicit in them. Advocating that they not be exposed is explainable only by fear of their exposure.

(Incidentally, guilt for such complicity--i.e. for passively accepting what others have done to abuse innocent people--is a strong Christian teaching, e.g. when Jesus condemned the Pharisees for "allowing" the misdeeds of prior generations; viz. Luke 11:48.)

Bob, the Democratic voters of Massachusetts have already rejected your "statesmanship." Now you risk being perceived as one who fears personal embarrassment if the misdeeds of the Bush administration are revealed in their full scope. Say it ain't so.

Democrats, for God's sake and the sake of this nation, don't listen to Bob.