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Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel and USA: Losers Together

As is clear to objective observers (including an unexpectedly large segment of Israeli public opinion), the terms of the UN resolution have essentially ratified the defeat of Israel in Lebanon. Forget the illegal premise of the war, or its illegal conduct; the bigger problem is that we and the Israelis lost.

Hezbollah was not defeated or disarmed and will probably become an integral part of the Lebanese army. Lebanon is now united--as never before--in favor of Hezbollah and against both Israel and the US. Arab moderation is evaporating. The US once more is exposed as a pitiful toothless tiger; its president, as both irrational and irresolute.

"Gonna work with our friends in Israel. See, they'll wipe up those HisBoluses in a few days, and then we can come in and do a ceasefire. See, they get to kick the HisBolus's ass and we'll still come off as peacemakers. Then we can go wipe out the Eye-Rain-ians the same way."

Didn't work. Probably might want to think twice before trying it on Iran, too.