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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foley Roundup

Billmon has a really nice analysis of the latest defenses being offered up by Republicans in Congress. A couple of things about this can't be underestimated.

(1) The "Crazies" aren't going to flood the polls and pound the pavement helping out a bunch of sexual predators... they just aren't going to do it. Sure the cynical ones, usually the leaders, will be out in force, but the masses won't be there. Their mama's taught them better. That's the problem with these sorts of scandals when your base is motivated by a sense of righteous morality. Inevitably, their leaders fail to live up to the movements high mindedness, and the movement moves on to something else.

(2) The election is now officially nationalized. Not as much as some, but more so than most mid-terms. This isn't good when your national politician is sinking faster than the Titanic. And it presents Dems with a chance to run an absolutely devastating commercial just before the election.

Cut to headlines showing "Haster Denies Knowing" and then headlines saying "Hasterts staff aware of Foley Years ago." With a voiceover, "he says he doesn't remember." Then the same thing with Condoleeza Rice and the meeting she had with Tenet months before 9/11 warning her of an impending terrorist attack on the homeland. "She says she doesn't remember." gets read as the headlines scroll. Then you say: "What else are they forgetting?" Show a scrolling line of coffins coming back from Iraq.

I doubt any Dem has balls enough to run such an ad. But it would seal the deal if they did, and they'll get close to it anyway.

(3) The only thing that can save Republicans now is a terrorist attack or major scare, or bringing out Osama's head on a pole. Problem is, the law of diminishing returns is working against them. Short of wheeling out a handcuffed Osama, I think such antics will only be met with skepticism and a cynical public tired of fighting an illusory war.