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Thursday, September 21, 2006

How to Win the Moral War - Real Adaptation

India, home of the second (or third depending on who counts) largest muslim population in the world, and a victim of a recent domestic terrorist attack, is figuring out that excellent results can be achieved by fighting terrorists on their turf: the moral plane.
At least two of the clerics have been suspended from their posts, but that hasn't satisfied everyone. Students at one madrassa in north India denounced the clerics, and in the city of Meerut, where a mufti, or cleric, had been caught on camera, the congregation at one mosque refused to offer prayers until he came before them, admitted to taking the money, and apologized.
This should be tracked closely by opinion polls, and I hear it will be. Whenever those polls come out I will try to post (if someone else hears about them, please comment as well). Of course, even better than driving a wedge between "principled" and "greedy" is to get the native population to question the legitimacy of those guerrillas which they shelter.
The "cash-for-fatwas" scandal has also led to a renewed debate on what constitutes a fatwa, and who has legitimate authority to issue one.
Yes. That's the spirit. More than likely utterly unintended, but a perfect example of a vibrant, questioning, open culture. It should not be a shock that this adaptation resulted first in India (the world's largest and most diverse democracy) as India has one of the most republican governments (and federalist governments) in the world. That this adaptation seems like a distant memory here is of course - a sign of the times.