< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: Bush's Iran Policy: or, What's a Poor President to Do?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bush's Iran Policy: or, What's a Poor President to Do?

First, shut up the political rhetoric about Iran. Make Rummy, Cheney, Rove, and everybody else in your administration shut up, too.

Second, tell the truth about how rapidly Iran is progressing toward a nuclear weapon. Answer: not very, so no immediate hurry, but no time to waste in fashioning an effective policy, either. Since you and the British can't be credible any longer on account of Powell's UN fiasco on WMD's, then develop a covert collaboration with those who could still be credible--maybe the Russians, maybe the Egyptians, maybe the Pakistanis--who would join in documenting the facts of Iran's progression towards a nuclear weapon.

Third, fire Armitage and Rove for outing Valerie Plame, since compromising her and the company she ran dealt a severe setback to our intelligence on middle east WMD's.

Fourth, shut up again.

Fifth, privately inform the Iranians that we have the means to know when their enrichment passes the point of peaceful use, and that when it does, we will regard it as an imminent threat to ourselves and our allies and we will destroy their facilities (which is admittedly a very difficult task if they are deep underground, but then what's an air force for if it can't take out even a deep facility?)

Sixth, start a crash program in alternative fuels, and get prepared for gas and oil rationing until those fuels come on line. Tell Halliburton to go to hell and get some honest, competent businesses to do it.

Seventh, redeploy the American troops to secure positions inside or outside of Iraq, so they can be protected from local or Iranian retaliation, in case we have to act against Iran. Quit running up and down the streets and highways of Iraq triggering IED's and ambushes that kill our troops.

Eighth, if the Iranians pass the point of no return, shut up and destroy their facilities.

Ninth, get your collaborator to explain the facts that required the strikes; and don't smirk.

Tenth, shut up about enforcing the non-proliferation treaty. You already broke it with India.

Some of these things would be public actions that would be accurately perceived by all. Since we haven't seen any such actions from you, Mr. President, we know you are not serious about stopping the Iranian threat.