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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shays and Johnson

Nancy Johnson is to Connecticut politics what Keith Jackson is to college football: almost a constant. That she got booted, and that Lieberman did not, ought to speak a clear message to Dems and Reps alike.

Shays apparently has won. Bully for him. He's a tireless campaigner in one of the wealthiest places in the world. Farrell doesn't get it, never made him eat his words, and quite frankly she is never going to get the finance vote if she doesn't grow some. When will the Democrats get a candidate up here that can bring it home? But there's always a recount...

One more thing and then I'm off to bed, the Virginia aftermath is going to be interesting and I hear it could involve some jail time. But that doesn't mean the Reps still won't fight like a wounded racoon to pull it out. This is where Dems really will show their stripes, if they cave in or fail to seize the initiative, they won't build much on their good fortunes tonight. If they fight back like a junkyard dog, they'll put a certain someone's lights out.