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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Emerald Warrior '07, A Tune Up?

AFSOC is conducting a joint force exercise on the Eglin range right now and until the end of this week. It's a pretty large exercise, integrating spec ops from the Air Force and Army as well as coalition countries, all with USSOC as the supported command.

I hear the scenario is intriguing, and I must admit the word choice is a bit odd.
The scenario driving the exercise is based on United States and coalition military units working together to assist a pro-Western country who is being overtaken by a neighboring anti-Western country.

In the scenario, the ally nation requested support with countering terrorist operations and regaining control of their territory.
A "pro-Western country" does not sound like an ally, nor does it sound like a "friendly". Rumor has it that regardless of how it sounds it sure looks a lot like Iraq and its eastern neighbor. More here.