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Monday, December 10, 2007

Good thoughts on Iran

From Lex in this post. For me, a rather salient one. The sold out left has, for some time now, refused to take a draft seriously. Preferring instead to use its aura as a way to score cheap political points. The rabid war drum beating right has also refused to take a draft seriously, mainly because it would mean exposing their class based ruling principles.

But it doesn't matter. We've gone and kicked the hornets nest. Practically stepped on top of the damn thing. And we are covered with a swarm of nasty, pissed off, bullshitty little bees flying around. We will of course survive this swarm, but we have two choices:

(1) Go grab some more men who aren't afraid of getting stung and send the nest into the fire, or

(2) Sit there and wait for them to disperse, let them sting, let it all pass.

We are practically doing the latter, but ever American I talk to wants to do the former. Why is that?